How to understand your partner

One of the important things in marriage is to understand your partner. Because we are not similar each other, it is sometimes a challenging issues. Maybe, she thinks “ Why can’t he see how important he is to me? Or he thinks “Why can’t she how hurtful her voice was?

Would you change your partner’s treatment if you knew what she or he thought and what happened to him or her? We only some basic steps to understand your partner.

Some basic steps to help you understand your partner

1. Put yourself in your partner’s shoes

How to understand your partner
How to understand your partner

It is not difficult to misunderstand someone, even your partner when you did not experience what your spouse had been going through. We think that we know, in fact, we don’t know at all. Thinking for a moment of a day when your partner is treating out of control and you need a little more cooperation. You think yourself, what happened to him, today? How did you go through that must have been really tough, today? Let put yourself in her or his shoes and you will see the difference. Try to put you in his or her situation, which results in the next step to understand your partner.

2. Listen and put questions

If you don’t know something your partner or is going through, ask her or him. “ Can you help me understand better? You may be quite amazed at what you discover. Bring your whole heart to see it from your partner’s perspective. It will make all the difference to understand your partner.

How to understand your partner
How to understand your partner

3. Share your concerns and thoughts to understand your partner

When you open your hearts each other, every space will be nearer to understand what each other is going through. When a partner holds back and doesn’t chat with true feelings and concerns. Maybe, she does not feel safe chatting about it, she worries that her partner will make fun of her perspective. It will never happen, share your expectation, dreams and concerns with each other, even your partner’s dreams or concerns don’t fix yours. You should listen and to understand your partner how important it is to her or him.

4. Trust in the good intentions of your partner

How to understand your partner
How to understand your partner

Have you ever done something that created the way you hoped? It is probably something people went through to understand your partner. A terrible feeling makes it worse when your partner says “It wasn’t a good idea. You know and still perform it”. He felt that you are on purpose to punch in the belly for the same twice. You have felt bad enough.

A husband told his wife about his business with the hope that it would grow and develop. He discussed with his wife and she supported him. However, his business failed and they lost all things some years later. Can you imagine his hesitancy in telling his wife this shocked news? Can you imagine how his relief is, after hearing what happened to them, she said “Oh, sweetheart. I am sorry. I know you did everything you could for our lives. Thanks for all your hard work. Many things happen different from our expectation. Later, she hugged him. Trusting in the good intentions of your partner expresses a great understanding.

When you understand your partner’s work, your love will enhance together. We understand your partner with the challenges, each of us has to face. We will behave each other much more gentle with more patience, tolerance, care and love.

Checking your relationship with your partner and see how you can work to understand your partner better. It takes a high effort, but will have a large payoff.

Joke about husband – Face powder

In the evening, a lady sent her husband to buy some cigarettes. He went to a kiosk, but it was closed? What he should do now? He notices a bar around the corner. He comes into a bar, buys cigarettes. He looks around and notices a young lady with a perfect body. What a beautiful body! Perfect curly hair! Waw..
A man orders beer and sits down at her table… Then he orders cognac for both of them… then beer again, and cognac again..

Suddenly he wakes up. 3 am. Where is he? Oooops, naked in the bed with the girl!
A man tells her:
– Do you have face powder?
– I do.
– Give me some of it.
A man quickly rubs his hands with a face powder and runs back home. His wife opens the door and asks?
– Hey bastard, where have you been?

Face powder
Face powder

– You see, I went to a shop – it was closed. Then I went into a bar nearby and found a pretty lady there. I drank beer, cognac, beer, then cognac again.. I woke up at 3 am in her bed!..
Wife tells him:
– Wait wait… show me your hands, you bastard!.. I see you’ve been playing bowling all night long again!…